New developments near downtown ballpark

TULSA - The area around ONEOK Field in downtown continues to grow.

Two new developments are underway near both ends of the ballpark.

One is a restaurant called the Rusty Crane. It is located in a 1920s era building at 109 N. Detroit, across from the ballpark.

The other is a multi-purpose building, on the corner of Archer and Greenwood, that will house 70 apartment units and include commercial space for two to three businesses.

Lee Brennan is the owner of the Rusty Crane.

Brennan is no stranger to the restaurant business, but said opening this one is the biggest entreprenueral adventure of his career.

Still, for Brennan, it is a lifelong dream that has kept him busy.

"People ask me a lot 'Aren't you excited?'" he said. "Every once in a while, it will jolt me cause I'm like 'Oh yeah, I'm excited!'"

The establishment will open in September.

It will feature old-style American food and drinks and will include a pub.

"When I say old style foods, we're going to have fresh, high quality ingredients. We're not introducing a lot of processed foods," said Brennan.

Brennan said he wants to give downtown visitors a different kind of experience by providing a place where people can dine, relax and have fun.

"I think a lot of times, you get those components in separate places and at the Rusty Crane, we really ask why can't you have all of that in one place," said Brennan.

Brennan is holding a contest on the restaurant's Facebook page , with the winner, and nine of their friends, receiving a free dinner party after the opening.

As for the multipurpose building, developers expect work to be complete in the middle part of next year.

The development will include parking spots and the apartments/lofts are expected to be affordable, up to 40 percent less than other downtown residential projects.

"We really feel this is going to be a catalyst to get a lot of growth on this side of downtown. Everything prior has been in the Brady District," said developer Frank McDonald, with GreenArch LLC.

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