New church goes up in Prue; more than 130 volunteers help to build new facility

PRUE, Okla. - A new 12,050 square foot church is being built in Prue, Okla. 

More than 130 volunteers came from across the nation to help First Baptist Church construct its new building. 

"We're currently cramped for space in our old building. It's a very small building," Pastor of First Baptist Church Garry McDevitt said. 

The plan to build a new church started more than 15 years ago, but the project only started last year. The outer shell of the church was the only thing standing at its new location. 

"All along the way God has just shown himself strong to our congregation and show he wants this building up," McDevitt said. 

Pastor Garry McDevitt said he wanted to build the project debt-free so he wouldn't take his church into the red. Thanks to many charitable donations, labor and dedication from volunteers, the church sits in the black and is only its way to being a new home for church goers.

"We're humbled by their coming and overwhelmed by their gifts of sacrifice of coming and labor of love ... the love that they have is not just a love that's preached, but a love that's lived out," McDevitt said.  

Jillian Stewart, a volunteer with Bethel Baptist Builders, says the project is worth the sweat. It's her first time helping to build a new church. 

"It's just amazing to watch. All these people that care enough to be out here working and doing all this work," Stewart said. 

First Baptist Church in Prue hopes to complete the project next summer. 




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