Neighbors of Best Buy shooting victim cover midtown with ribbons

TULSA - Neighbors of an innocent bystander who lost his life in a shooting over the weekend have had enough, and are speaking out against violence.

Graydon Brown, 58, was buying a birthday present for his wife when a man opened fire outside a Best Buy store Saturday.

On Monday night, Brown's neighbors covered midtown Tulsa with teal ribbons in his honor. They're demanding zero tolerance for gang violence.

Brown's tight-knit neighborhood is pulling together. Residents are mourning the loss of a neighbor and a friend.

"He was the epitome of being a good neighbor. He was always there, he always had a kind word," said Lance Woolsey, president of the Florence Park Neighborhood Association Board in which Brown was the treasurer.

"We have our board meetings right here in the dining room. And everyone's sitting around the table. And that one chair's going to be empty now," said Woolsey.

Police say the shooter targeted 34-year-old Scott Norman, who also died. Brown was caught in the crossfire.
Detectives believe the shooting is gang-related.  

"This isn't to take away from any of the other victims or the past, but I think this is kind of the final straw," said Woolsey.

Brown's neighbors are tying teal ribbons on sign posts, trees and fences, which they say was his favorite color.

"Maybe we can stop this kind of senseless violence that's taken good people like Wesley," said Woolsey.

Even strangers blocks away are getting behind the cause, trying to raise awareness that gang violence in Tulsa affects every part of the city.  

"We acknowledge that this has happened, and we stand behind this family, and we are not going to let this happen to the community. And that we need to do something," said Kathryn Lyons, a volunteer with Tulsa Midtown Alert Neighbors.

On Tuesday morning the alert neighbors group will gather to continue posting ribbons. You can join them in the Tulsa Crime Commission board room from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

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