National Boating Safety Week begins Sunday; Grand River Dam Authority officials urge safety on water

TULSA - Sunday marks the beginning of National Boating Safety Week, a time for lake goers to prepare for their trips with safety in mind.

Memorial Day is just seven days away and thousands will head out to local lakes, but the water can be dangerous for folks who don't respect its power.

Officials with the Grand River Dam Authority reminds folks to boat safe, smart and sober. Every year they launch a campaign called "I Got Caught."  People who get caught doing the right thing will be rewarded.

U.S.. Coast Guard statistics for 2012 show there were 71 boating accidents in Oklahoma. Fifteen people were killed in those boating accidents and three of those deadly crashes were linked to alcohol.

Justin Alberty with the GRDA says tragedies can be avoided if people follow the rules of the lake.

"Boat safe, boat smart, boat sober is what GRDA lake patrol really stresses year round," he said. "Put on the life jackets on when you're out there and use common sense on the water."

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