Mystery animal photographed in Oklahoma reminds of legendary creature Chupacabra

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a... mythical creature?

One Oklahoma man believes that's exactly what he managed to photograph. Craig Martin recently captured three images of an animal he thinks could be a Chupacabra, a legendary species rumored to feed on the blood of goats.

The pictures show the animal feasting on the carcass of a dead animal, and even captures the face of the animal. To Martin, it's a match for the elusive prowler.

"It looks exactly the same, there's not much difference at all," Martin told 2NEWS affiliate KFOR in Oklahoma City.


While the scavenger does resemble web images of the Chupacabra, not everyone is buying it.

"What we're dealing with here is just a coyote with a bad case of mange," a biologist told KFOR.

Martin said while maybe that's much easier to accept, he's not so sure that's the whole story.

"I'm not saying it's not part coyote but I think it could be a hybrid," he said. "I think it's probably mixed with another species of dog, but it's definitely not just a regular coyote. They can say what they want."

Whatever it is, Oklahomans will be watching.

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