Parents remove toddler from Fort Gibson day care after worker tapes shoes to girl's feet

FORT GIBSON, Okla. -- The parents of a 19-month-old are upset after a child care worker at a local day care taped their little girl's shoes to her ankles, leaving marks and causing skin irritation.

Fort Gibson police are now investigating. 2NEWS was outside the daycare when an officer arrived to talk with daycare workers.

Mike Keane said he and his wife made the discovery after picking up their daughter from Oak Tree Academy in Fort Gibson Tuesday. He wonders what would possess day care workers to tape his daughter's shoes to her ankles and what else they may have done to his child and other children.

"When one thing happens, you wonder what else has gone on that I don't know about," said Keane.

Keane said the tape caused swelling around his daughter's ankles.

"Last night she was complaining about it. She'd rub her foot," he said.

2NEWS obtained a statement the day care is releasing to parents. In the statement the director said one of her employees "made a regrettable mistake yesterday afternoon." The day care director says the toddler was left at the facility without proper fitting shoes.

"The shoes kept coming off so the young employee made a mistake in judgment and taped the shoes to the child's feet so that their feet would not get hurt while playing outside," reads the statement.

It goes on to say, "There was no malice involved, she was only trying to protect the child."

The employee and co-teacher have been suspended pending further investigation, according to the statement, which goes on to try to reassure parents.

"We regret this mistake and can assure you all that your children are loved and well taken care of here at Oak Tree," said the statement.


Keane has removed his daughter from the day care and says she will not be going back.

2NEWS checked the day care's state inspection records. In four of the last five inspections, the day care was found to be in compliance of all rules and regulations.

Two instances of non-compliance were listed in a February 2013 report. Inspectors cited the day care for an issue related to "rest time" and "building maintenance."

According to the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, "rest time" refers to "the requirement of sleeping space and equipment."

The last inspection was in July. In that report, the day care was found to be in compliance of rules and regulations.

No word on whether any criminal charges will be filed.

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