Authorities say woman died after jumping from vehicle, friends speak out

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - Friends of a Muskogee woman who authorities say died after jumping from a moving vehicle are speaking out.

Saunsarae Hall, 26, died Thursday night.

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol said Hall died after she jumped from the passenger side of the vehicle while it traveled along Country Club Road, about 2.5 miles south of Muskogee.

According to investigators, Hall jumped after having a domestic dispute with the driver, 42-year-old Michael Tucker.

According to her friends, Hall and Tucker had been dating.

They said Hall had three young sons who she was trying to regain custody of and they do not believe she would intentionally cause them or the rest of her family and friends so much grief.

"That doesn't sound right. That doesn't sound right at all," said Chris Campbell, Hall's former fiance. "I don't believe she jumped from the vehicle. No, that's not her."

Crystal Mize, another friend, also has doubts.

"I would never believe in my heart that she would jump out of a moving vehicle," said Mize.

Campbell said he and Hall met six years ago. They worked together and fell in love.

While they recently decided to end their relationship, Campbell said he and Hall remained close friends.

"She was bubbly, outgoing, and strong-willed," said Campbell. "I loved the girl. Still do. Always will."

Campbell said Hall's death has been devastating.

"It just tore my heart out. It did. It tore my heart out," he said.

Mize said when she met Hall they connected and became friends quickly.

"I never saw her without a smile on her face. That's how she was. She was a good person," Mize said. "She's the best person I've ever known in my life as far as a friend."

OHP said the incident is still under investigation.

Efforts to contact Tucker for comment were not successful.

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