Muskogee resident sets 11th Guinness World Record in China -- heaviest vehicle lifted with breath

Brian Jackson is adding to his list of world records.

The 48-year-old Muskogee resident traveled to China last week to break a Guinness World Record that he had already set previously – the heaviest vehicle lifted with the breath.

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Prior to the trip the record was set at 2,780 pounds.

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Jackson had broken the record three times before his trip to China, but this was the first time he faced an opponent.

"I was really surprised because when I met my challenger, he said he could beat me," Jackson said.

They were both to attempt to lift 3,000 pounds by blowing a giant hot water balloon.

Because Jackson was the current record-holder, his challenger went first.

"His lift was successful, and then I matched him."

A female judge them entered the vehicle and both competitors attempted the lift.

‘His second lift was successful, and then I matched him."

Fifty kilos were then added to the car.

When his challenger began to struggle, Jackson rallied the crowd to cheer him on.

"It took him about three minutes to lift it," Jackson said.

Jackson then matched that amount.

Jackson was given the option to either call it a draw or continue.

"I chose to continue. They asked me how much I wanted to add, and I asked that another 100 kilos be added."

Jackson's opponent was unable to lift the additional weight. Jackson however was able to lift 1,540 kilos or 3,395 pounds, setting a new Guinness World Record.

Jackson says he has been invited to return to China next year.  

While Jackson says he struggled in preparation for China, all changed the day of the event.

"Something happens when I go on that stage. I truly believe God helps me to do what I do. And I am thrilled to have the opportunity to lift even more next year."

Next up for the 11-time Guinness World Record holder? Lifting a semi. Jackson said he is set to attempt that stunt the day before Easter 2014. 

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