Muskogee Public Schools investigates teacher that allegedly slapped 7-year-old, forced her to march

MUSKOGEE - Muskogee Public School is investigating allegations of an incident at Benjamin Franklin Science Academy involving a first-grade student.

According to the child's mother, Chauncy Hill, her 7-year-old daughter came home Monday and said a teacher had slapped her around noon Monday.

"My daughter told me there were certain boundaries that she is not allowed to cross on the playground," Hill said. "She was running and crossed those boundaries and got in trouble."

It was not until further investigation, that Hill found the extent of her daughter's consequences.

Hill contacted school officials and was able to watch video surveillance of what took place Monday.

"After she got in trouble, I saw my daughter had to march for an extremely long period of time," Hill said. My daughter got tired and sat down."

That is when Hill says she watched the teacher grab her daughter and slap her.

"It happened clearly on camera; there is no mistaking it happened," Hill said. "And then she made her continue marching until her classmates had gone inside."

The teacher has not been identified. Hill also stated that this was not her daughter's teacher.

MPS officials say the district "immediately began an investigation into the incident and involved law enforcement." 

"The teacher is on administrative leave while the matter is under investigation," said Melony Carey, MPS director of communications. "Pending the outcome of the investigation, appropriate action will be taken."

Hill said Thursday her daughter went to school for the first full day since the incident.

"It hurts me so bad to know that she now has to learn to trust teachers again; it traumatized her," Hill said. "And my daughter did nothing wrong to deserve this."

2News asked MPS for a copy of the surveillance footage but our request was denied due to the ongoing investigation.

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