Muskogee Police using new technology

MUSKOGEE, Okla - Muskogee police officers have new laptops for their patrol cars. The department says the technology will help officers to be more efficient and stay safe while on patrol.

All Muskogee Police Department patrol cars are now equipped with on-board computers. They have all the technology officers need to fill out reports from their vehicles instead of coming back to the station. That means more officers will be on the streets.

"Now our officers write the reports here in the car," Cpl. Pedro Zardeneta said. "Everything can pretty much be done here. We can email it to our supervisor."

Zardeneta says the Muskogee Police Department has reached a whole new level of efficiency, thanks to the laptop computers.

Officers are now less dependent upon dispatchers. They can look up information themselves and update their call status. They can even dispatch themselves to respond to calls without every using a radio.

"It let's our officers on the streets link into dispatch, records and headquarters all at the same time," Zardeneta said. "It saves us a lot of money because now the officers on the street because everything is paperless."

Not only are reports done electronically, but the status of every first responder in the county can be viewed on their computer screens.

"We get on the computers and find out that a county officer is responding," Zardeneta said. "We can start getting the paperwork ready for them. You can also chat between the officers without using the radios."

The patrol cars have also been equipped with GPS.

Zardeneta tells 2NEWS, "Now if it's a hot call, dispatchers know who is closer. So they can dispatch the closest officer -and bring backup that way."

It also means if an officer is injured and unable to use their radio, dispatch will know exactly where their patrol car is located and can send help immediately.

Zardeneneta says this saves first responders precious time when they need it most.

"Now we know where the car is at. So he's going to be within a certain vicinity of the car," he said. "So that really increases officer safety."

The technology upgrades were paid for by a $500,000 grant from the City of Muskogee Foundation

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