Muskogee man held for owing more than $100,000 in child support

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - A Muskogee man is being held on a cash bond of more than $100,000 – an amount equal to what he owes in child support.

A Muskogee County district judge on Tuesday set the cash bond for Odis Loudermilk arrested on a bench warrant issued on Sept. 17 for failing to appear in court five days earlier.

The bond amount for $111,458.22, an amount Muskogee District Attorney Larry Moore told 2NEWS Loudermilk owes in a different state, is enough to keep Loudermilk in jail for some time.

"I've never seen anybody pay such a cash bond and I don't see anything happening here either," he said, saying the amount child support owed is the largest he has ever seen.

Moore said Loudermilk has been in Oklahoma for a long while, court records indicating the court has been dealing with the child support issue since 2004 and that Loudermilk even served 180 days in county jail in 2006 on a cash bond of $123,000.

Records show Loudermilk was again sentenced to jail for another six months in 2009 for the same amount, but was released to obtain employment to make payments.

The last child support review date for which he appeared since that release was in March.

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