Muskogee citizens look to future of city economy, school system

Muskogee residents are telling the town's movers and shakers what they envision for their community.

Action in Muskogee, also known as AIM, is an effort by the Muskogee City-County Port Authority to get the community involved in the planning of future projects.

On Tuesday, about 130 people showed up to the fourth of five sessions being held at the Civic Center. There are no specific details on what projects they will tackle yet as they are still in the initial stages.

But they do want to focus on ways to improve the economy, increase graduation rates and reduce poverty. At some point the community may be asked to support a tax.

A steering committee made up of community members will decide what projects the city-county will embark on. It will be a while before we find out what those projects are and how much it will cost.

Michelle Green, one of those in attendance, says she's invested in the community and hopes her leaders work to  "revitalize downtown, increase activities for youth, mostly get everyone on the same page."

The last of these sessions will be October 23.

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