K-9 unit helps Muskogee County Sheriff's Office to record drug busts

MUSKOGEE, Okla. - In just three years, one local deputy has seized more than a million dollars in drugs, money and drug assets.

Dep. Jeff Gragg's partner Apollo is trained to detect the smell of narcotics. He's invaluable when the pair patrol I-40 through Muskogee County. It's a major corridor for drug trafficking through the US.

"We are not just looking for drugs or money. We are looking for criminal activity," Gragg said.

Just three years, Gragg and his K-9 partner Apollo have collected nearly $800,000 in cash and asset seizures. They've also gotten more than a million dollars in drugs.

They have been so successful they're now working the highways full time for the Muskogee County Sheriffs Department.

The pair's biggest stop? An RV in 2010, found to be loaded with $385,000 in drug money.

"It was a great seizure for Muskogee County," Gragg said. "It paid for all of our Tahoes."

The money and the proceeds from the sale of vehicles and other assets are dived between the sheriff's office and the DA's office. The money is used for drug interdiction, such as training and equipment.

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