Brian Jackson to attempt Guinness World Record for heaviest vehicle lifted with breath in China

MUSKOGEE -- Muskogee resident Brian Jackson has an impressive collection displayed on his living room wall -- plaques, certificates and medals of world records he holds.

All of these records have to do with lung strength.

"I've blown a golf ball out of my mouth 18 feet, six and three-quarter inches, three hot water bottles, most balloons in an hour, fastest hot water bottle…"

Jackson went for his first world record attempt in 1999. It took nearly 50 attempts for him to set the Guinness World Record for blowing up a hot water balloon.

"From the time that I contacted Guinness World Records to the time that I broke that record, there was seven years."

Jackson then began to ask Guinness for ideas of any record that dealt with lung strength. From there, his notoriety began to travel.

He has been to Las Vegas, Spain, Italy and Japan for world record attempts. Jackson has also been feature on America's Got Talent, TruTv's Guinness World Records Gone Wild and Stan Lee's SuperHumans on The History Channel.

"I didn't get in this to compete or challenge anybody or to show I just wanted to see if I could break a word record."

It was on SuperHumans that the idea for Jackson's latest world record came about.

"They said, "Is there anything that you'd like to do that you've never done?" and I said, "I'd like to see if I could lift a car." He asked, "Can you do that?" and I said. "I don't know, but I'd like to try."

After weeks of trial and error, Jackson figured out what it would take to get a vehicle off the ground with the use of his breath.

"One of the guys gave me the suggestion to cut the hose in half, because it was a 25-foot hose that went to the lift. I cut it in half. Packed it and left for Las Vegas. I didn't know when we did Stan Lee's Super Humans show if I could do it or not.

"So when you see it on Stan Lee's Super Human show, that is the first time I ever lifted a car, and I was completely excited."

Jackson currently holds the record for heaviest vehicle lifted with the breath at 2,780 pounds.

The 48-year-old is now on his way to China to break that record. This time, however, he has an opponent.

"We are going to try to do at least 3,000 pounds, and they are also going to let me continue if I am successful. And I have a Chinese challenger, which is going to be interesting because they know about me, but I don't know about him.

"To me the best case scenario would be that he breaks my current record and I keep going because he's trying to represent his country and I want him to do well as well. To me it's about representing the United States and Oklahoma and Native Americans." 

Along with representing his country, state and ethnicity, Jackson also wants to be an inspiration.

When he is not breaking world records, he is a motivational speaker at local schools and is known as the "I Believe Guy."

"As a motivational speaker I really want to show the kids, not just tell them, that if you push your gifts and talents as hard as you can and don't stop, there's no telling where those gifts and talents are going to take you."

Later this week, Jackson will attempt the world record on China's national news.

"I would love to do 4,000 pounds but your body can only take so much."

The results will air in the U.S. in October.

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