Multiple one-pot meth labs found in neighborhood

TULSA - Tulsa police are investigating dozens of one-pot methamphetamine labs found near a wooded area in a residential neighborhood.

Police found 63 plastic bottles with remnants of meth, near the 1200 block of West 4th Street South around 3 p.m. on Saturday.

Police said they were responding to a report about a man illegally camped out in the area, but when officers arrived the man was gone. That's when they discovered the labs.

Authorities said the meth labs' location, near homes, is of particular concern.

''That's an extreme danger," said Officer Will Toliver with the Tulsa Police Department. " There's an extreme danger of fires and possible contamination of the land and water source."

Nearby residents said several homeless people frequent the area, however Saturday's discovery gives them new reason to be concerned about the safety of their neighborhood.

"If there's somebody making drugs back there, I want to be aware of it," said David Guthrie, one of the residents. "Even though I don't have any, I wouldn't want children in contact with that. I don't thnk anyone else would either."

HAZMAT crews quickly decontaminated the area.

No arrests have been made.


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