Local movie theaters beef up security after 'Dark Knight' shooting in Aurora, Colorado

TULSA - After the tragic shooting at a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado Friday morning, some movie theaters are beefing up their security.

Several theaters are adding an extra security presence this weekend. After the shooting, AMC Theaters officials say they're reinforcing their security procedures across the country.

Officials are banning costumes, face-covering masks or fake weapons inside movie theaters.

"I can't even imagine what we need to do or what needs to be done to curb that kind of thing or to make sure that that doesn't happen here or any place else," said moviegoer Myrtle Norman. "But something definitely needs to be done."

Several moviegoers say the deadly shooting in Colorado is on their minds, but they're not letting that stop them from heading to the theaters.

"We were actually a little apprehensive to come," said moviegoer Chris Wills. "I think that Tulsa's a really laid back community and we know nothing but good people, so I don't think they'll have any issues with stuff like that here."

"I'm not nervous or scared at all. I'm not going to let something that happened somewhere else affect what's going on in my life. You still have to live your life," said moviegoer Sheila Swank.

While most are out to simply enjoy a night at the movies, they won't forget what's happened 685 miles away in Aurora.

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