Mounds Police Department under investigation for wrongdoing

MOUNDS, Okla. - The Mounds Police Department is under investigation after money and items were unaccounted for, according to the Creek County Sheriff's Office.

Capt. John Davis said the investigation is ongoing and a report will likely be sent to the Creek County District Attorney's office sometime next week.

Mayor Aaron Veale said in a press release that the department is being investigated and two officers have been suspended, leaving the town without its own police force.

On Friday afternoon, 2News found the police department closed.

A sign posted to the front entrance of the building said the Creek County Sheriff's office would handle all non-emergency calls. Residents who need emergency assistance are advised to call 911.

Some residents like Rhonda Berryhill were concerned about town safety, since Mounds is currently without its own police force.

"I just don't think it's a good idea to not have a police officer in town," said Berryhill.

Meanwhile other residents like Wenona York were in disbelief about the allegations.

"I was shocked," said York upon learning about the investigation. "The Mounds cops are good people."

York said she knew one of the town's officers through her husband.

"I couldn't see him doing anything like that," said York.

Several other residents 2News spoke to expressed their dissatisfaction for the police department, however none of those residents wanted to go on camera for fear of retaliation.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations officials say they are assisting in the investigation but the case is being handled by the CCSO and the Creek County District Attorney's Office.

Veale said, "The town of Mounds is working with investigators to quickly resolve allegations against (the) police department. Citizens of the town will continue to be protected during (the) investigation."

Veale's statement continued:

It is with great sadness that I learned of the allegations against our town's police department today.  The town of Mounds will do everything we can to help in the investigation... I want to inform the people of the Town of Mounds, OK that they will continue to be protected by the Creek County Sheriff's department until such time as we can reinstate our accused officers or if necessary, replacements for the positions have been found.  Let me reassure the people of Mounds that you are and will continue to be protected by the authorities.

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