More Tulsa residents are recycling with new trash service

TULSA - Tulsa's new trash service is changing the way some residents recycle.

Many who never participated before are finding themselves going green.
South Tulsa resident Dan Meek says, until recently, he wasn't interested in recycling.    

"It was too much of a pain," said Meek.

He tried it, but he wasn't successful because there was too much separating and cleaning involved.

"After we set it out, they came by to pick it up, when we got home from work it was still there," said Meek.

With the new service, everything goes in one container and it's separated at the facility instead of at home.

Meek has reduced his trash at the curb by more than half.

"I'm surprised at the things that are actually recyclable, I will throw something in the trash and my wife will stop me and say that needs to go over here," said Meek.

Tom Hill is the CEO of Tulsa Recycle and Transfer, the company contracted for Tulsa's recycling.  He says in the beginning of october residents were recycling 40 tons of trash.

Now it's 80 tons of trash.

"With that type of participation from our residents we are going to see that probably peek over 100 tons over the next couple of months," said Hill.

He says the new service is designed to be easy which is why it's working.

"You don't have to separate out into the little green bins the way we used to, fiber and glass, you can mix all of those co-mingled recyclables into one bin," said Hill.

Hill says the program will end up benefitting more than the environment.

"It's going to reduce the cost of trash service, because we are going to sell the recyclables and return that money to the city for that use," said Hill.
Meek says he's sold.

"You make it easy for me, it's a done deal," said Meek.

Hill says since the recycling program is new, they don't have buyers in place yet.  He expects to make a decision in the next two to three weeks, but buyers could change regularly while Tulsa Recycle & Transfer shops for the best market price.

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