TPD: Best Buy shooting latest in retaliation

Police believe they have everyone involved in Saturday's double-murder at a midtown Best Buy, but a motive has not been nailed down.

Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan says the apparent gang-related shooting is just another in a long line of retaliatory crimes.

Police say Scott Norman and Bryan Mitchell were suspects in a 2008 double-murder.

Two years later, Mitchell was killed. Each shooting occurred on almost the exact same date.

Police believe N orman, M itchell and suspected Best Buy shooter W illie Wise were once all in the same gang.

Anitra Brown, the sister of Best Buy shooting victim Graydon Brown, an innocent bystander shopping with his daughter, says she hopes the shooting will shed light on Tulsa crime.

Brown says she hopes to "use his death as a way to focus the city's attention on the crime rate and the violence and realize it can affect anyone."

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