More inmates released from overcrowded Tulsa County Jail

More than 200 inmates have been released from the Tulsa County Jail due to overcrowding.
The inmates were released in the last few days.
Earlier this month, jail officials announced they would temporarily stop accepting inmates facing municipal-only charges.
"When you're getting flooded, you've got to stop the flood before you drown and so by not accepting municipal prisoners at this point, that helps some of the flooding," said Tulsa County Undersheriff Tim Albin.
The jail had an inmate count of 1,836 Wednesday morning.
Albin said about 100 more inmates will have to be released before the the jail gets back under capacity, or to a manageable level.
At a jail liaison committee meeting, city and county officials expressed concern about the decision to release inmates and to refuse to accept municipal prisoners.
Albin said there is not one big factor driving the overcrowding. He says it's a combination of several factors, from inmates not being able to afford higher bonds to population growth in the county.
Tulsa city officials are studying their options to see what can be done if overcrowding remains an issue.
Officials hope the jail will be return to a manageable level by the end of the week.
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