Months-long Tulsa violent crimes initiative results in 110 arrests since April; drugs, guns seized

TULSA - Nearly a dozen law enforcement agencies are applauding their efforts to reduce crime in the Tulsa metro area.

The U.S. Attorney joined local law enforcement Thursday to announce the results of a months-long violent crimes initiative.

Dozens of arrests have been made in the 61st and Peoria area since April and now more than 100 people are off the streets.

The cleanup is a result of federal, state and local law enforcement cracking down on violent crimes in the area -- an initiative prompted by the Fairmont Terrace quadruple homicide in January.

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A total of 110 arrests are attributed to the crime sweeps. Nearly 3,000 grams of drugs, including meth, cocaine and pills, are now off the streets, along with 24 guns.

Unlike past sweeps, law enforcement officials say this is not just a one-time thing, but an ongoing project until crime in the area decreases.

"Those committing violent crimes, you're on notice again," said Tulsa County District Attorney Tim Harris. "We will find you. We will prosecute you and we will punish you."

This was also the first time the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) was involved in a sweep of this kind. Anyone living in low-income housing allowing a criminal to live in their home received an eviction notice.

People who frequent the area say they feel safer.

"The security's gotten better. The management has gotten better and everybody just works together as a community around here now," said Billy Seals, a regular visitor to Fairmont Terrace.

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