Mom wants answers after Cushing Police shoot, kill son

TULSA - A Tulsa mother is demanding answers from Cushing Police just days after officers shot and killed her teenage son.

Rabih Ozeir's mother wants to know exactly what happened last Thursday night. She's demanding justice for her son -- no matter what kind of answers she finds.

The night Olgua Hill lost her 18-year-old son is a blur. It started with a call from her husband.

"He said, 'I heard there was a shooting in Cushing, and his name came up,'" said Olgua Hill.

Hours later she sat by Ozeir's side at a Tulsa hospital, where he died the next day.

"I still can't imagine it. I don't know how to live without him," she said.

Surveillance cameras caught the final moments of Ozeir's life at Simpson's Gym in Cushing. A gym employee called police after witnesses say Ozeir confronted them.

Minutes later, police say Ozeir threatened them in the parking lot with a handgun. Police say Ozeir didn't listen when they asked him to put it down, so they opened fire.

"I saw the wound in his chest. There was a hole this big in his heart," Hill said.

Olga questions what happened to her son.

"He would never hurt nobody. I know Rabih. He would never hurt a fly," she said.

She wants a detailed account from the time Ozeir walked into the gym until the shooting.

"There was not any movement, aggressive movement. Or nothing. It was just talking to a bunch of kids. So whoever called 911, what did they say?" Hill said.

She hopes those answers will bring her family closure.

"Justice and truth. That's all I'm hoping," she said.

The OSBI is still investigating the case. The Payne County District Attorney will then decide whether the shooting was justified.

2NEWS reached out to the Cushing Police Department, but they never returned our phone call.


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