Mixed reactions to new Tulsa trash program

TULSA - In its first day, the city of Tulsa tells 2NEWS its new trash and recycling program went smoothly.

But not all of its customers feel the same. Some say their trash was never picked up on Monday.

Tulsans in some neighborhoods near 81st and S. Memorial Avenue came home to find trash cans still full Monday night.

"Came back home at 5:20 [p.m.] and all the trash cans in this 42 home neighborhood are all sitting filled with trash," said Mark Dixon.

Dixon noticed his recycling was picked up by lunch time, but not the trash.

"I mean I understand this is a new program, and they've gotta get some kinks worked out, but my concern or issue was, it seems to be logical that if you have a truck picking up recycling items, that they would follow with the regular trash truck," Dixon said.

Around 7:00 p.m. his neighbor Ben Neal also worried the trash wouldn't be picked up.

"Kids, diapers. Trash sitting around for days on end does not end up very well. So we're hoping to get it done," Neal said.

City spokeswoman Liz Hunt says haulers have until 8 p.m. on collection nights to pick up trash and recycling.

"We've been extremely, extremely busy. And we sincerely appreciate the patience of our Tulsa customers," Hunt said.

Hunt says they've been planning for this day for months.

"From what we understand, collection service is going well," Hunt said.

On day one of the new program, all residents started using large blue and gray carts. Some residents will have twice a week pick up, while most others will take out the trash just once a week.

If your extra trash or green waste won't fit in the carts provided, you'll need to get a trash bag, and label it with stickers provided by the city, or it won't get picked up.

The stickers are labeled for "extra refuse" or "green waste." The city sent a set of 10 stickers out to each household. You can buy more for 50 cents a sticker, in sets of five, at your local QuikTrip.

Some residents say the new rules are too confusing. But others say day one went just fine.

"It's going smooth, yeah. And I have been walking around the neighborhood and I have noticed them picking up everybody's garbage, and it seems like it's going well," said Charlotte Singletary.

If you have questions or complaints about the program, you can call the city's hotline from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. at (918) 596-2100. You can also read more details on the new trash pick up program.

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