Missing persons cases in Green Country on the rise

TULSA - Local police in the Tulsa area have their hands full, investigating several missing persons cases.

In the last few months, at least six reports have been filed.

A recent report was filed for Kelley Harris, of Bixby.

Meanwhile, Broken Arrow police are working on two cases for Justin Cobb and Paige Moore.

Osage County detectives are also busy with two cases filed for Courtney Glasscock and Timothy Hauser.

The latest case is 37-year-old Jarral Ray Osburn, of Sand Springs. Police say Osburn hasn't been seen since Aug. 28. Sheriff's deputies found his car abandoned near 65th and North Cincinnati a few days after he disappeared.

His family came down from Kansas to look for him. Police say they filed the missing persons report about a week ago.

"Every night we just keep him in our prayers. Ask for some mercy and grace on him, and some resolution," said Coleta Barley-Krusemark, a neighbor.

Police worry Osburn may be in danger.

"We've found that he's not made phone calls, he's not contacted any of his friends and family. He's not done anything inside of what his normal lifestyle would've been," said Deputy Chief Mike Carter.

Police urge anyone with tips to give them a call.

"It's the citizens that normally solve these types of crimes. Saying that they've seen this individual or they saw another individual committing this crime," said Carter.

Carol Bush, with the Tulsa Crime Commission, says the circumstances around each missing persons disappearance shouldn't matter in the end. She says they all deserve to be found.

"Even if maybe they're depressed, or were on drugs or there was maybe a drug deal gone bad or whatever, I don't think we can distinguish between that. You know a missing person is missing, and maybe they didn't want to go missing," said Bush.

Police say they don't have any updates on any of these six cases.

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