Midtown home vandalized, letters associated with hate group spray painted on garage

TULSA - A Midtown home was vandalized last weekend and the homeowner thinks it's kids up to no good.

The garage of a home near 36th and Lewis was spray painted with the letters 'KKK' over the weekend.

Jim Hamilton says he doesn't have any enemies and thinks it was a random act.

“Kids are kids, they do stupid stuff,” he said. “If we're lucky we don't all suffer the consequences.”

But Tulsa Police say he wasn't the only victim.

On Monday a similar report was taken a couple blocks away. Police say someone spray painted a large K on the license tag, rear deck and passenger side window of a vehicle.

Due to health reasons Hamilton can't get around much, so he's going to need help from his family to get the paint off.

“I don't expect the police to be able to do anything about it,” he said. “First off there's no way to get any direct evidence or anything like that, there's no film, there's no security cameras in the area.”

Anyone with information about this crime is urged to call police.

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