Midtown family greeted by home intruder in broad daylight

A midtown Tulsa family faced a scary situation Wednesday morning when a man broke into their home in broad daylight.

One of the people caught up in this terrifying home invasion was family nanny Whitley Cope.

"He kept repeating that he didn't want to hurt anybody, he just wanted cash and valuables," Cope said.

Cope confronted the strange man in the home's laundry room around 9:45 a.m.

"He handed me an envelope and on that envelope, I didn't read it from start to end because I just read the first sentence and knew what he was here for, he wanted money," Cope said.

The burglar is a white male in his early 20s and was wearing dark clothes with a tan mask.

Cope and other family members complied with the man by handing over money and valuables.

"He said I don't want to hurt anybody and that's when he lifted up his shirt and showed me the gun he had in his waist band," Cope explained.

He then fled the scene in a black Pontiac Grand Am, which was caught on security cameras and the footage is now being reviewed by Tulsa police.

"If we don't give him what he wants, I mean what's the extent that he is going to go through," Cope said. "I had a baby in my hands but you just never know just going through this I"m just blessed that the babies are OK and I am OK and he didn't hurt anybody."

Police say another home invasion also happened Wednesday morning on South Boston Avenue. A similar description was given for that suspect and their escape vehicle.

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