McKinley Elementary School teachers celebrate improvements in 2014 third-grade reading scores

TPS schools with highest, lowest reading scores

TULSA, Okla. - Fifteen third-graders McKinley Elementary School received an unsatisfactory score in this year's state mandated reading test. 

Nonetheless. teacher Holly Thomas says there's a lot to celebrate in those scores. 

"Not just looking at the unsatisfactory but also the amount of kids that got proficient was way, way more," she said.

Four out of her 22 students did not pass the test. But that's an improvement from last year's third-graders she said.

"Considering what these kids go through and what they bring to the table, and the amount of time you have with them, we're impressed," Thomas said. 

The Title I school has a lot of students that come from poverty. Many students are English Language Learners, and others do not have the home encouragement to succeed, Thomas said.

"Even if they may not be proficient yet, you're so happy that they're growing that much. That's the kind of stuff to be proud about."

Next door, Sarah Bailey, a first year teacher, had six out of her 22 students score unsatisfactory. She blames some scores on nerves.

"I had a few who surprised me, I was not expecting that," Bailey said. "I was expecting them in the high range, then they showed up on my list as unsatisfactory."

Teachers say the school's emphasis on incorporating more vocabulary and reading into math and science is what they believe made a difference.

Below is a list of Tulsa Public Schools sites with the highest and lowest third-grade reading score percentages. 

Highest Proficient Reading Scores Percentage:

1. Henry Zarrow, 88.2%

2. Eisenhower International, 83.9%

3. Eliot Elementary, 81.6%

4. Mayo Demonstration, 80%

5. Lee Elementary, 76.8%

6. Hoover Elementary, 76.4%

7. Lanier Elementary, 75.9%

8. Patrick Henry, 69%

9. Carnegie Elementary, 68.7%

10. Salk Elementary, 67.6%


Highest Unsatisfactory Reading Scores Percentage:

1. Emerson Elementary, 61.4%

2. Anderson Elementary, 59.3%

3. Project Accept, 59%

4. Whitman Elementary, 57.6%

5. Springdale Elementary, 56.2%

6. Celia Clinton Elementary, 52.3%

7. McClure Elementary, 51.3%

8. Skelly Elementary, 51%

9. Hamilton Elementary, 50.6%

10. MacArthur Elementary, 49.1%

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