Mayfest organizers expect more than 350,000 people to attend, Tulsa police work to keep event safe

From the food, to the art, to the live music, Mayfest began in downtown Tulsa Thursday.

As day turned to night, the crowds began showing up, for an event organizers say more than 350,000 people are expected to attend. 

In its 42nd year now, Tulsa police are ready to once again keep everyone safe. That includes Corporal Chris Bauer, patrolling his 25th Mayfest.

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Bauer said Tulsa Police Department puts approximately 25 officers downtown during Mayfest to make sure nothing out of the ordinary happens. 

"We have never had anything more than people having too much to drink," Bauer said. "I think that is based on the amount of officers that we have out here."

For the past five years Wayne Duval, his wife, daughter and their family-owned food stand, The Sundae Factory, have been coming to Mayfest.

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Last year, Duval said he had record sales, and he is hopeful this year he will once again sell sundae after sundae, all weekend long.

"We are prepared," Duval said. "We have a lot of ice cream. We are ready to go."

When it comes to security during Mayfest, on what guarantees to be a hectic weekend for vendors, Duval said he has no worries thanks to TPD.

"There is a huge presence," Duval said. "They are up and down the streets, the whole event, night and day. We have never seen a problem out here ever."

With Mayfest split across several streets in downtown, "you really don't get one big crowd in one location," Bauer said.

Bauer added that his fellow officers will keeping moving around, patrolling the streets and hopefully keeping everyone safe at Mayfest this weekend.

Friday night, the Blue Dome Arts Festival begins and runs through Sunday. Friday and Saturday nights, Bedlam Baseball comes to ONEOK Field. More police will be in place for both of those events, down the street from Mayfest. 


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