Matthew Ballard wins Rogers County GOP nomination for district attorney;

ROGERS COUNTY, Okla.-  Rogers County voters elected Matthew Ballard for the GOP nomination June 24 for District Attorney as well as  passed the vote to allow liquor sales on Sunday.

Ballard won with 61 percent of the vote defeating Erin Oquin and incumbent Janice Steidly.

"I am grateful to the people of District 12 for allowing me to be their DA for the past four years. We have accomplished a great deal, making sure justice is always served, implementing new programs and enhancing existing ones to better serve our community."  District Attorney Janice Steidley, 12th District

The proposition to allow alcoholic beverages to be sold on Sunday passed with 57 percent of the vote. Businesses will be allowed to serve beer, wine and liquor.

Claremore's visitor bureau says right now they're losing valuable sales tax because people head elsewhere on Sundays. The passing of the vote should positively affect the town which was losing $11 million in sales each year just from the restriction.

The vote will not impact liquor stores which will remain closed on Sundays.


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