Olive High School to hold garage sale to benefit seniors affected by 2012 Creek County wildfires

Marcy Arnold's daughter was preparing to enter her junior year in high school when the Creek County wildfires hit last August.

The fire burned 19 of the family's 20 acres of land and came about 10 feet away from their home.

"What we loss was nothing material," the Mannford resident said. "Our home was fine, but some of our neighbors weren't so lucky."

MANNFORD -- Today, Arnold's daughter is entering her senior year at Olive High School, and many of her classmates are still feeling the impact the fires left on their homes, and their family's finances.

"It was devastating," Arnold recalled. "It just looked like a war zone."

To aid those seniors, OHS is holding a garage sale Sept. 14 from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m., to benefit the Class of 2014.

"The more money the can raise the less that will come out of their pockets," Arnold said.

Proceeds will allow the seniors to go on a trip to Myrtle Beach next spring.

"Since the fire, our community has really bounced back and one of our senior traditions still stands strong," said Carol Maggart, an OHS English teacher and co-sponsor of the senior class. "In addition to a tradition education, the Olive Public Schools believes it is important that our students get a well-rounded and worldly education."

Olive High School is located at 9352 S. 436 W. Ave. in Drumright.


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