Aerial view of the Creek County wildfire damage in Mannford, Drumright and Luther Oklahoma

Looking out across the charred acreage more than 1,000 feet above Green Country gives you a real sense of how massive and devastating the Creek County fires were. 

You get a better idea of what firefighters have dealt with for the past few days. Fast moving flames scorched the land, engulfed homes and sent families running.

Heading west out of Tulsa, it doesn't take long before you get to scorched earth.

Literally mile after mile is damaged by day after day of wildfires. At one point our cameras caught a dust-nado made from burned ash in the heart of the disaster area.
In Mannford, we saw power crews working to restore electricity to homes. We also saw how close the fire came to some homes while to others they were no match for the flames.

We also saw evidence of firefighters' hard work. We found a firebreak. Firefighters literally moved the dirt to create a break. On the other side the grass is dry and brown but not burned.

We also saw police still on scene keeping sightseers and looters out. But in the places we went, there is hardly anything left to see, much less take.

More than 58,000 acres burned west of Tulsa in places like Drumright and Mannford, and more than 78,000 statewide.

Click here to see a photo gallery of the wildfire damage. If you're reading this on your phone or tablet, follow this link to see the pictures, And to see the aerial video on your phone or tablet, go to our Video section.

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