Man survives south Tulsa road rage incident after truck was shot at nine times

A road rage shooting in south Tulsa left one man thankful to be alive.

Nine bullets were lodged into the man's truck, including his headrest.

Jeff said he avoided the bullets by ducking and driving inside his blue Dodge Ram.

"I think I'm glad to be alive," he said. "I think I'm glad my daughters still have a dad today. I'm able to work and enjoy my family. It could have very well been different."

It happened around 9:30 Wednesday night.

Jeff remembers honking at a white SUV at the 51st and Lewis intersection. Jeff said the woman driver wouldn't turn right on red.

She then leaned out the window, screaming and cussing at him. So Jeff said, he did the same thing back at her. 

After they both turned right on 51st Street, heading towards Harvard, Jeff passed the car on the outside lane.

That's when a male passenger started firing shots out the window.

"It's not worth throwing your whole life away over a few minutes of anger," Jeff said. "It goes both ways. I shouldn't have got mad, as well as they shouldn't have over something stupid as waiting at a stop light."

The nine bullets stretch from the gas tank, throughout the side of the truck, the windows, and to the hood of the car.

The final ninth bullet, hit the break line and fluid. Which means Jeff can't drive his Dodge right now.

Traffic officers urge that drivers do not fight back in this situation. Instead, drive to a QuikTrip and call 911.

Tulsa Police look for the suspects.

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