Man survives Nowata storm: I feel very lucky

NOWATA, Okla. - The unexpected deadly storm made for terrifying moments for residents in Nowata County.

Anthony Scott was driving home when the storm hit, just turning onto his county road when things started to get worse.

"I started hearing this very loud roar and I look up and I see a huge cloud of brown headed towards me and I knew then that this was serious trouble," Scott said.

Scott said he had nowhere to go, so he stopped his truck facing the storm.  When the storm gust passed, Scott's truck had been carried and spun for about 40 yards.  All the windows had been blown out, but Scott was uninjured.

His neighbors were not so lucky.  The grandparents and baby granddaughter who died in the storm live on the same street.

"I feel very lucky, it just goes to show you that mother nature doesn't care who you are," Scott said.

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