Man found dead in car at Tulsa apartment complex; arrest made

TULSA - Police have arrested a man in connection with a man found dead in a car Sunday afternoon, according to police records.

Gary D. Phenix, 47, was booked on a first-degree murder complaint and is being held without bond, according to jail records.

Police responded to a man found in a car at the Pomery Park Apartments near 68th and South Lewis around 1 p.m. Sunday. Upon arrival they found a black male in his early 30s in the back seat of a gray car with apparent trauma to the head, police say.

"We can see the top of his head and there are multiple injuries to the top of his head," said Sgt. Gary Neece with the Tulsa Police Department. "So, it isn't definite, but it looks like he was probably beaten and we don't know if it was here or at another location."

The car where the victim was found in does not belong to any residents at the apartment complex, police say. 

Drag marks in the grass, dirt and possible blood on the threshold were found at Phenix's apartment, according to police records.

Phenix will appear in court on April 4.


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