Man convicted in triple fatal Christmas Eve 2009 crash gets case reviewed

TULSA - A man convicted of killing three people in a Christmas Eve crash asked a judge to reduce his sentence Friday.

Steven Jameson, now 22, caused a head-on collision that killed three members of a Sand Springs family in 2009.

Jameson has served one year of his 24-year sentence.

"Today was very emotional because we did not know what was going to happen," said Linda Perkins, whose daughter, grandson and son-in-law were all killed in the accident.

Jameson was also convicted of driving under the influence of marijuana and driving without a license.

"He committed the crimes and because of those poor decisions our children lost their lives," Perkins said.

The decision was swift, Jameson's sentence would not be modified.

"We can hopefully start to heal now that we don't have these legal hearings to attend to all the time," said Perkins.

Jameson's family and friends also filled the seats.

"I'm sorry that the sentence was not modified," said Lora Larson, a family friend. "I think Wade is a young kid, he had an accident, he will spend the rest of his live, every day, grieving over the loss of this family."

This judicial review ends Jameson's chances for a reduced sentence until parole eligibility, but it also brings to light what some say is the bigger issue.

"Citizens of Oklahoma need to look at legislation to repeal this judicial review law, it is  not something that is done in all states," Perkins said.

"Mrs. Perkins is pointing out, 'Why is Oklahoma giving judicial reviews for violent offenders?'" said Tulsa County Asst. District Attorney Steve Kunzweiler.

Kunzweiler says he will work to bring the issue to the attention of legislators.

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