Man charged with shooting, killing Tulsa teenager Kayla Ferrante appears in court for prelim

TULSA - The man charged with killing a Tulsa teenager just one day after her high school graduation appeared in court Monday for his preliminary hearing.

Police say Edwin Daniels, 24, shot and killed 17-year-old Kayla Ferrante in May. He's charged with first-degree murder and shooting with intent to kill.

Ferrante was riding in a car with her boyfriend when Daniels fired an AK-47 rifle, according to the police report. A witness said Daniels believed the car belonged to two rival gang members.

Ferrante, who graduated from Memorial High School the day before, was struck by a round that went through the license plate, pierced her chest and exited through the car's windshield.

Her boyfriend, Neikko Perez, stopped the car only about a block from her east Tulsa home. She died at the scene.

Perez testified Friday to hearing shots fired from behind the car before seeing blood coming from Ferrante's chest. He said he called 911 and honked the car horn until neighbors came out to help.

Lead Detective Vic Regalado also testified, telling the court of his interview of Daniels' fellow gang member Demario Adams.

Regalado said Daniels admitted to Adams had confessed to mistaking the car Kayla and Perez were in for that of two rival gang members Daniels was looking to kill in order to elevate his status with the gang.

Adams also testified to seeing Daniels bury the assault riffle used in the murder, in the backyard of his aunt's home on North Quaker, the same home where police believe Daniels was living at the time.

After hearing from both the state and the defense, the judge ruled enough evidence exists for Daniels to stand trial on both charges.

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