Major study on child booster seat safety released early Thursday

According to a new study released early Thursday, child booster seats are getting a boost.

Booster seats are designed to help children fit in to their seatbelts properly.  The seatbelt has to fit property across their lap and neck.

The study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety shows a large majority of new booster seat models are getting the job done.

Booster seats are intended for kids 4 to 8 years old who weight up to 80 pounds.

The Insurance Institute found that 12 out of the 14 models introduced this year were worthy of their "best bet" rating -- a significant improvement from 2008  when only 10 of all manufactured booster seats received that award.  There are now 50 that hold that title.

"What we found is boosters are doing a much better job than they did just a few years ago," said Ann McCartt with the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

Not all of booster seats passed the test -- the "Safety 1st All In One" and "Alpha Omega Elite" were the only two not recommended.

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