Locust Grove football coach's job on the line

LOCUST GROVE, Okla. - Head football coach Matt Hennessy's job was the center of discussion at Locust Grove's Board of Education meeting Monday.

School officials won't reveal much about an alleged hazing incident on school grounds over a week ago but some called it bullying, others just "boys being boys."

One by one, parents spoke to a packed house, questioning why there was no supervision in the weight room, where the alleged incident happened.

School officials tell 2NEWS the students involved have been disciplined, but no details have been released.

One student said he saw the incident saying, "the boys' heads were wrapped with tape."  

"All of those parents got up there, and they don't know what happened," the student said after the meeting. "And I'm the only one who was going to stand up and say what actually happened."

Many parents asked the school board to do what's best for the students. Some didn't want Hennessey to take all the blame and others believed the coach should be held accountable.

Police have also investigated the case. They say no one was hurt and there was no evidence any crime was committed.

The school board decided "that the incident does not fall under the extra duty contract of the head coach football position."

Hennessy will keep his coaching job.

The board also said that it "does not condone this incident" and it will follow proper legal action.

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