Local runners describe scene at the Boston Marathon

TULSA - Eighty-six runners from Oklahoma were registered for Monday's running of the Boston Marathon, including several from Green Country.

Lori O'Lin narrowly crossed the finish line, before the bombs were detonated. "I had just finished maybe five minutes prior to the two explosions," she said.

O'Lin said the first bomb sounded like a cannon. She said the scene after the second explosion was chaotic. "It was more like everyone was wondering what the heck that was," she described. "There were, I can't even tell you, at least 80 ambulances or more just going in the other direction."

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Matt Bowler had also finished the marathon shortly before the explosions. His wife was running too. She was still on the course when the chaos erupted. "I was doing everything I had to get to her," he said.

Bowler had just left the medic's tent, near the finish line, where he was treated for cramps and low sodium. "I was able to forge through my soreness and go find her a mile and a half, two miles away," he said.

O'Lin and Bowler are customers at Tulsa Runner in south Tulsa. Employees there spent Monday afternoon texting, emailing and checking Facebook for updates from their friends.

"We all know people that know people who are there," said store owner Trani Matthews. "We were tracking seven or eight people."

Matthews and his employees were able to reach everyone they know, to ensure their safety. Store manager Phillip West was also in Boston, to help train another runner.

He was several blocks away from the bombing sites and he said, "We didn't even know anything had happened until we started getting phone calls from people."

West, O'Lin and Bowler all say they are ready to return home as soon as possible.

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