Local reaction to fiscal cliff talks

TULSA - Local business owners are keeping a close eye on the fiscal cliff discussions, in Washington.

2NEWS spoke with Sonny Dalesandro, the owner of Dalesandro's, a restaurant near 18th and South Boston Avenue.

"The words 'fiscal cliff' are a pretty daunting pair of words," he said.

Dalesandro's has been open since 1990.

In that time, Dalesandro says that he has seen some economic ups and down.

He recognizes that some adjustments may need to be made, depending on the outcome of the fiscal cliff talks, but he is confident that his business will survive.

"All that we've done, since 1990, is pretty much put our heads down, work as hard as we can and have a good product come out of our kitchen," he said. "I would assume that other small business people in my position are going to try to do the exact same thing."

The deadline to reach an agreement on the fiscal cliff is 12:00 am, Tuesday.


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