Local gymnast flips toward Olympic dream

BIXBY, Okla. - The women go for gold Tuesday night in primetime. One day a local gymnast may have what it takes to be part of Team USA.

Bixby native Cidney Boyd, 14, flipped her way to a spot on the Olympic Development Program team.
2News caught up with her in action, training at Oklahoma Extreme Tumbling & Trampoline.

Sweat, tears and hours of practice have added up to this -- a chance for Boyd to take her tumbling to the next level.

"It's just fun, it's lots of fun," she said.

Boyd has trained four to five times a week for more than a decade. Soon, she'll be testing her skills with some of the top elites in the nation.

"I just focus on what I'm getting ready to do, and see where it takes me," Boyd said.

This is not traditional, artistic gymnastics. Tumbling isn't an Olympic event yet, but it could be an exhibition in the 2016 lineup.

"There's a lot of speed and a lot of power. We deal with high rotation and speed. The learning and control, it takes years, to develop that takes years," said Steve Jones, a coach at Oklahoma Extreme Tumbling & Trampoline in Bixby.

Coach Jones says this is a chance for Boyd to make it to the elite level.

"What it does is it targets athletes with potential, so they can kind of funnel them and train them," Jones said.

For gymnasts like Cidney, the gym is their second home. They spend hours here, and their families are here to cheer them on.

"We're up here a lot. Can you tell we're one big family?" said Cidney's mom Kendyle.

Kendyle says it's been a whirlwind. "When you step back and look at it, and think, a few years ago we were only doing back handsprings, and now they're throwing doubles, or full ends or whatever, it's kind of scary, it's kind of scary. You think, what's next?" she said.

Kendyle has seen firsthand the sacrifices Cidney has made to get this far.

"I think that she, with her personality, will push herself as far as she can push herself," she said.

Cidney heads to the Olympic training camp in August. 2News wishes her the best of luck.

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