Local Dollar General manager arrested for filming employee in bathroom

TULSA - A manager at a local Dollar General store has been arrested on four counts of peeping tom.

Tulsa police arrested Gary Weiser Monday night near Charles Page Boulevard and South 49th West Avenue after he was caught recording a female employee in the restroom.

Police say the camera phone was placed on a shelf directly across from the toilet. It was stashed between some roles of toilet paper, said TPD officer Jason Willingham.

"[The employee] left the restroom and made contact with security for Dollar General. The security officer went back inside and tried to find the phone, but it had already been taken," he said. "Officers made contact with the manager of the store who the phone belonged to. After reviewing the phone, he was arrested."

Police arrested Gary Wayne Weiser on four counts of 'peeping tom with photographic - electronic equipment' after inspecting the phone.

"It's certainly alarming," Willingham said. "The guys that do these types of things are individuals we want to watch out for."

Customers who frequent the store instantly recognized Weiser from his mug shot.

"I'm surprised it happened so close," said James Watson. "But as far as it actually happening? No. People have been doing things like this for years now. So it's nothing surprising that somebody is going to go peeping in on the ladies room."

Authorities say additional charges could be added.

Weiser's bond is set at $2,000. He expected to appear in court Aug. 28.

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