Local convenience stores slammed by Powerball players

TULSA - Thousands of people here in Green Country will be checking their tickets to see if they are a new multi-millionaire winner of the Powerball drawing. Ticket buyers have a one in 175-million chance of winning the jackpot tonight.

Despite the odds, thousands of Oklahomans are dreaming of hitting it big.

The clang of registers, busy cashiers and flurry of printing tickets greeted long lines of customers at convenience stores across Tulsa. Most came with one purchase in mind-- Powerball tickets.

You've probably heard the odds by now-- you have a greater chance of getting struck and killed by lightning, or attacked by a shark, then winning this lottery.

"My chances are probably slim to none, but if I don't buy it, it is none," said Larry Woolverton.

The Powerball jackpot sits at $550 million-- bringing out first time lottery players and those who rarely give it a try.

"It's kind of fun just to have a chance. We don't usually buy lottery tickets," said Joan Arthur.

Some even had a game plan. Bryan Curtis shelled out $400 for his office pool.

"Just to spread out the odds. Gives us better odds," he said.

Curtis knows the chances are slim. But he's still dreaming.

"I think I heard you have a better chance of winning an Academy Award then winning this lottery, but we're going to take the chance," he said.

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