Live music is booming from several stores Saturday for the monthly Blue Dome Music Series

TULSA - Live music is spilling from several store fronts tonight for the monthly Blue Dome Music Series.

The Blue Dome Music Series was started by the owner of Dwelling Spaces on Detroit two years ago. It was created to not only showcase local musicians, but also promote the growing number of downtown businesses.

Dwelling Spaces in Downtown Tulsa is best known for coffee and clothing, but each month the store fills up with local music lovers.

The store starts off the Blue Dome Music Series each month around this time.

The opening act for the event is married folk duo Desi and Cody.

Seeing crowds this size and even stores like this open in Downtown is nothing like what Cody Clinton used to see growing up. 

"I think events like this maybe help people realize oh we have a great Downtown now, Clinton said "It's safe, it's fun, it's clean and it's cool."

The music series has really struck a chord with a growing number of businesses. Seven venues now host bands each month. 

Mary Beth Babcock, owner of Dwelling Spaces, said "watching all these people get together, work together  and it makes Oklahoma and Downtown Tulsa even that much more fun."

This event gives people a chance to hear the wealth of talent in Oklahoma.

Organizers hope the music will help Downtown continue to grow and thrive.


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