Largest transportation recycling project in nation: I-40 steel beams


OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) -- Hundreds of steel beams from Oklahoma City's Interstate 40 Crosstown Expressway are being recycled to replace deficient and obsolete county bridges across the state.
Oklahoma Transportation Secretary Gary Ridley told state transportation commissioners Monday that completion of a new stretch of I-40 earlier this year freed up about 1,800 steel beams that were part of an 8,800-foot-long bridge on the old expressway. About 1,600 of the beams have been deconstructed so far and about 1,350 have been delivered for county road projects.
Ridley says officials hope to replace at least 300 50-foot long county bridges. Each bridge will cost about $160,000 and Ridley says the state is saving as much as $8 million by using the recycled steel beams.
Ridley says it's the largest transportation recycling project in the nation.
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