KJRH.com 2013: E-cigarettes, Walmart masturbation suspect, blind veteran among most popular stories

We're looking back at the stories you found most interesting in 2013.  From deadly tornadoes to a dentist under fire, stories in and around Green Country kept you clicking on KJRH.com.

A woman and her daughter were surprised by a man who they found inside the toilet of a Green Country water park.

Jayde, an adopted Chinese girl now living in Oklahoma, got her happy ending when she underwent a cochlear implant, gaining the ability to hear for the first time, even after a massive tornado threatened her surgery.

The fight over "Baby Veronica" ruled the headlines, both here in Oklahoma and Nationally.

Surprisingly enough, however, these stories did not make the top 10 most-read list on KJRH.com. Below are the stories you clicked on the most in 2013.

10. Consumer reports identifies the best and worst used cars -- Consumer Reports' subscribers report millions of car problems each year and CR's engineers have identified key trouble areas of certain Fords, Dodges, Toyotas and Hondas.  Chief among the problems of used cards is brakes.

9. Oklahoma City woman 'Sweet Brown' interview goes viral -- Yes, again... This was your most-read story for 2012.  Sweet Brown's "ain't nobody got time for that" interview in 2012 after a fire at her apartment complex continues to be a viral sensation, spawning memes and even several local commercials starring Brown herself.

8. Police respond to shots fired at Coweta Intermediate High School -- Early in the year, the Coweta school was the scene of a suicide by a 15-year-old boy.  Police say the ninth grader shot himself in a school bathroom at the start of the day. A makeshift memorial soon formed outside the school for Triston Stephens.

7. IRS announces new relief for people who owe back taxes -- The Internal Revenue Service announced a new initiative in 2013 to help people who owe back taxes, including penalty relief and a new installment agreement.  A 2NEWS viewer who hired a company that promised to reduce his bill lost $2,000 before turning to the IRS for help. 

6. Tulsa-area patients potentially exposed to hepatitis, HIV at Dr. Scott Harrington's dental practices --  In March 2013, an investigation into a Tulsa oral surgeon revealed thousands of patients may have been exposed to blood-borne viruses due to inappropriate infection control practices.  Testing was urged for 7,000 patients of Dr. Scott Harrington and in the end investigators determined Harrington was responsible for the nation's first transmission of hepatitis C between patients in a dental office.

5. Storm Shield weather app tracks severe weather for Tulsa and northeastern Oklahoma -- You wanted to stay safe so you searched for and downloaded our weather app.  Storm Shield has consistently been one of the most popular paid weather apps since its launch, keeping thousands of people safe across the country during Oklahoma's tornadoes and as Hurricanes Isaac and Sandy approached the coasts. 

4. Blind Oklahoma veteran takes down would-be attacker in broad daylight -- A blind man was forced to defend himself after being attacked in broad daylight.  Unfortunately for the suspect, he chose a retired U.S. Army Special Forces soldier as his victim.  Let's just say it didn't end well for the suspect.

3. Tulsa police: Brian Hounslow arrested after woman finds him masturbating in Walmart women's bathroom -- A south Tulsa Walmart customer claimed she found more than she bargained in the women's bathroom one November day when she walked in on a naked man masturbating.  Instead of running away, the woman pulled out her cellphone and recorded the suspect as he fled the store.

2. Doctors caution users of e-cigarettes, say vaping is worse than smoking the real thing -- Touted as a safer alternative to traditional smoking, electronic cigarettes are supposed to give smokers their nicotine fix without the cancer-causing side effects of tobacco. But some have serious concerns that the battery-operated vaping devices may actually pose more dangers to users.

And the story you clicked on the most...

1. Storm Shield weather forecast -- 2NEWS followed tornadoes, wind, snow and ice in 2013 and updated you every day with our forecast online and on our apps.  There, you'll find regular updates from meteorologists Brett Anthony, George Flickinger, Taft Price and Brittany Rainey.  Day in and day out, 2NEWS viewers and users visit the forecast online, making it your most popular story of the year.  Stay with us on air, online and on mobile and we'll keep you safe.

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