KJRH Top 10: Members of the 2NEWS newsroom pick their favorite stories from 2013

Brandon Richard, 2NEWS reporter: "A look at Oklahoma's newest town"

"One of my favorite stories of 2013 is about Oklahoma's newest town, Carlton Landing. Its downtown looks like a set from a Hollywood studio (not what you'd expect to find in Oklahoma), but Carlton Landing is real and its 56 citizens are very proud of their new town. I got a tour of the town from the town founder (seriously, who can say that in 2013? When most towns are more than a century old!)"

Russ McCaskey, 2NEWS anchor: "OSU Space Cowboys test experiment in zero gravity"

"One of the more unique stories I covered for this year involved students from Oklahoma State University in a program called the Space Cowboys. The students created an experiment to be tested in zero gravity and presented to NASA engineers.

The experiment this year centered on trying to reduce the prolonged effects of weightlessness. I went with the OSU students to Houston as they put the experiment to the test."

Amy Bryant, 2NEWS producer: "Oklahomans honor veterans with holiday wreath-laying"

"I like this one because it shows the importance of remembering those who died for our country regardless if you’re family or not."

Brittany Rainey, 2NEWS meteorologist: "The night two Bartlesville kids stole Lee Harvey Oswald's tombstone"

"I have always loved history. I am fascinated by firsthand accounts from those who lived through some of our world’s defining moments. So this story stuck with me."

Tyler Dunn, 2NEWS web producer: "Tulsa homeless man's good deed goes viral"

"A lot of tough stories come through this newsroom and I've had to write plenty of articles I wish I never had to write. So when Mr. West went out of his way with the kind of humility and thoughtfulness he did, I jumped at the chance to contribute to telling his story. It's stuck with me all year."

Marc Rains, 2NEWS photographer: "Runners brave freeze for Route 66 Marathon"

"Joe Henke and I froze all morning and had to deal with getting around all the road closures, not to mention the miserable cold. But after we got back to the station and saw Joe's script, I knew it was all worth it."

Max Resnik, 2NEWS anchor: "Inola auto, gas museum a must-visit for car enthusiasts"

"The story is about Mike Fuller's Auto and Gas Museum in Inola. It's a picker's dream and loaded with automobilia that dates back 100 years. Mike Fuller is preserving American history here in Green Country, and anyone can see it for free."

Danielle Stoltz, 2NEWS web producer, multimedia journalist: "Jayde Scholl begins preK after surgeries"

"Jayde has had such an amazing journey and it was so exciting to see her progress and capture the first few moments of her first day of school."

Amy Jenson, 2NEWS intern: "7-year-old fundraises for Moore victims"

"He is so young and is giving everything he has for people who lost their homes and families. He didn't even have to have money to raise these people's spirits."

Julie Weindel, 2NEWS Executive Producer Investigations & Special Projects:  "Rebuilding homes in Moore a slow process"

"I think this one of my favorite stories from 2013....the rebuilding of Moore, Oklahoma.  It reminds of me of the inner strength and human kindness that can overcome tragedy and it certainly was evident in Moore."

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