Kendall-Whittier revitalization project begins with groundbreaking

TULSA - Officials broke ground Tuesday on the George Kaiser Family Foundation's revitalization project in Tulsa's Kendall-Whittier neighborhood near 5th and Lewis.

The West Park Mater Plan includes the development of 7.5 acres in the neighborhood and surrounding blocks.

Upon completion, the neighborhood will gain 128 mixed-income residential units, 20 student housing units and approximately 7,000 square feet of retail and management space as well as renovation of the existing park.

"The West Park Master plan is a continuation of the Kendall-Whittier growing together movement," said Ken Levit, executive director of George Kaiser Family Foundation. "One of the significant challenges we've identified in the area is a lack of safe, affordable, quality housing. The objective of the West Park Master Plan is to achieve this goal and continue to support the neighborhood revitalization of the Kendall-Whittier area."

Officials West Park will be one of the first mixed-income housing developments in Tulsa and will include diverse types of housing units for people with a range of income levels.

"The West Park Master Plan is another great example of the city's investment in urban core development, following the guidelines of PLANiTULSA," said Mayor Dewey Bartlett. "The city and our philanthropic community are proud partners contributing to Tulsa's revitalization efforts."

West Park is part of a $36 million investment in the Kendall-Whittier area. Funding for the project is coming from George Kaiser Family Foundation, The University of Tulsa, the City of Tulsa, state low-income housing tax credits and outside financing secured by McCormack Baron Salazar.

Construction is expected to be complete on the mixed-income housing project in late summer of 2013.

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