Kellyville senior, Hunter Little, who has Asperger's syndrome will attend senior prom with two dates

KELLYVILLE - Hunter Little wants his senior prom to be prefect. He is going to have a limo. He picked out his tuxedo weeks ago, one he says makes him look like Bruce Wayne.

"I knew exactly what I wanted," he said.

His mother even offered him dancing lessons.

"He told me he didn't need them. He said, ‘I can just twirl my arms," Hunter's mother, Heather Little, said.

Saturday night will be a unique opportunity for Hunter, who will be able to have a normal evening with his peers. Living with Asperger's syndrome, he has not had very many like this one.

"We wanted to make this a nice prom for him," Heather said. "It makes me proud that he's going to be doing this. It's just a nice, relaxing activity for him."

Hunter had every intention of going solo to his prom, but a few weeks ago, he was asked to go to the prom by not only one, but two of his classmates – Shelby Copeland and Carrie Crall.

"I'm really excited," Hunter said. "I am going to dance with Carrie and Shelby, so I am pretty sure they'll have fun."

Crall, a senior, has known Hunter most of her life.

"I have gone to school with him before I can remember," she said. "To get him to go with us was something special for me."

Copeland, a junior, says she grew up going over to Hunter's house all the time. Her father and Hunter's father were best friends in high school.

So both girls decided to ask Hunter as their dates. Originally, that number was three, Hunter said.

"She can't go now, but three dates would have been really hard," Hunter said.

 Kellyville High School's junior=senior prom will be held at the Glenpool Conference Center, with the theme "Treasures of the Deep." Prior to arriving, Hunter said he will take plenty of pictures with his dates and then go out to eat at Go West Restaurant in Sapulpa.

"He deserves to have the best prom of his life," Copeland said.  

After years of feeling different, Hunter, like so many other high-schoolers at prom,  is ready to enjoy this memorable night with his friends. Next up for the senior is graduation, May 24.

"It just feels good to be a senior and to get out of school," he said.

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