Jury finds alleged courthouse shooter Andrew Dennehy mentally fit to stand trial

TULSA - The jury has reached a verdict in the mental competency hearing of a man accused of opening fire outside the Tulsa County Courthouse.

Andrew Dennehy, 24, is accused of firing multiple shots in the plaza outside the courthouse March 7. He injured two people, including a Tulsa County sheriff's deputy, before he was shot by law enforcement.

Click here to see photos from the courthouse shooting March 7. (On mobile? Click on this link: http://bit.ly/chshooting)

The jury was handed the case around 10 a.m. Wednesday after attorneys for both sides finished closing arguments. In less than 30 minutes the jury had reached a verdict, finding Dennehy competent to stand trial.

Dennehy recently underwent a mental health evaluation and a psychiatrist concluded he shows signs of depression, paranoia and a lack of judgment.

Among the testimony heard during the three-day trial, Dennehy's father spoke about conversations the two had over the telephone while his son was in custody involving the Illuminati and Free Masons, who Dennehy believed were after him and his family.

The physician who recently evaluated Dennehy also testified, saying Dennehy believed the Illuminati were planning to kill him and his parents and he believed his death would stop the Illuminati from being interested in his parents.

According to the psychiatrist, Dennehy has a strong suspicion that the district attorney, some jury members and even his own attorney may be members of the Illuminati.

Allen Smallwood, Dennehy's defense attorney, said during closing arguments his defendant is clearly not competent based on testimony from experts and his own.

But District 27 assistant DA Tony Evans accused Dennehy of intentionally acting incompetent.

"Listening to his jail phone calls, listening to how he interacts, especially with his friends Andy Johnston, to me made that very clear that he was trying to exaggerate his conditions," Evans said.

Since some of the witnesses are from the Tulsa County courthouse, District 27 is handling the case.

Currently, Dennehy is being held in the Tulsa County Jail on two complaints of shooting with intent to kill and two firearms complaints. Additionally, Dennehy faces charges of assault and battery on a police officer and escape from arrest.

Dennehy is due back in court Oct. 17 for a preliminary hearing.

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